Whenever a major release in the underlying core packages is required. You must update your /src folder. This is a rare occasion but could happen f.e. if the underlying framework (laravel) has a major update.


In this guide we assume Docker installs only. These are the only one supported anyway. Usually the /src folder contains not much of value, except for the installed packages and logs. Volumnes, Databases etc are always mounted and save from loss except if the volumne of your host ist damaged. After the upgrade you must install your packages again.

Update to v4.x

This is a major update. The underlying seatplus/web package has been updated to v4.0.0.

(untested yet)

On your host:

cd /src

edit composer.json to require the latest version of seatplus/web:

"require": {
    "seatplus/web": "^4.0",
cd ..

update the app using docker

docker-compose exec composer update --no-dev

restart your node to build new web assets:

docker-compose restart node

now seatplus should be up and running again.

(optionally) Enter Shell for package installation:

docker-compose exec bash

Update to v3.x

(untested yet)

On your host:

take your app down:

docker-compose down

backup your /src folder:

mv /src /backup_src

download the latest core package:

docker-compose run --rm php composer create-project seatplus/core . --prefer-dist --no-dev --no-ansi

change file ownership:

change the user:group to whatever you have used originally.

chown -R 1000:1000 src

Start the app again:

docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml -f up -d


docker-compose exec php php artisan migrate

(optionally) Enter Shell for package installation:

docker-compose exec bash