Configuration and administration

How to configure

This section explains how to configure seatplus. Whenever you do change the .env File, you should run the following command to pickup changes within the docker containers:

docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml -f up -d --build


These values are of relative importance regarding the file permissions. You should not be in need to change them


These can be increased and decreased as much as you need. Just make sure your server is able to provide enough computational power. Sometimes less is more.

PHP Settings

Sometimes you need to increase the memory limit and max execution time for heavy queries. You may achieve this by altering the following settings.



In order to be able to consume EVE Online related data you must register your application in the EVE Online Developers portal

  1. Register your application on the EVE Online Developers portal for both Authentication and API Access.
    • Select the connection type to be of Authentication & API Access
    • Select all Permissions (💡 these are all the scopes the application could theoretically access, which are used by the end of the day is configured later in seatplus).
    • Set your callback-url f.e.

Use your own values

You must replace with your qualified url which is accesible from the internet

  1. Configure your EVE_CLIENT_ID, EVE_CLIENT_SECRET and EVE_CALLBACK_URL in the .env configuration file
# Eve Online SSO Configuration