After you have installed the development environment this is how your folder structure should look like:

├── base-app
    ├── src         # Source files 
    ├── traefik     # Traefik docker compose files
    ├── packages    # Packages 
    ├── ...

By default the composer.json located in the /src directory requires the core packages

  • seatplus/eveapi
  • seatplus/web
  • seatplus/auth


  "require": {
    "seatplus/eveapi": "^1.0",
    "seatplus/web": "^1.0",
    "seatplus/auth": "^1.0"

In oder to use your local repository you will need to create the local repository and then alter the composer.json to simlink the local repository. In this guide we will create a local repository for the web package.

create local project in packages folder

Use git to clone the repository inside the packages folder

    git clone .

update composer.json

Change the composer.json to use the local repository

      "repositories": [
          "type": "path",
          "url": "../packages/web"
      "require": {
        "seatplus/eveapi": "^1.0",
        "seatplus/web": "*",
        "seatplus/auth": "^1.0"

(Optional) Update webpack.config.js for frontend development

If the package contains vue components you will need to update the webpack.config.js in the base-app folder.

add the following to the webpack.mix.js file:

        {base: 'vendor/seatplus/web/resources/js'}

Folder Structure

This is how the base-app folder structure should look like after adding a package

    ├── ...
    ├── src                     # src folder
    │   ├── composer.json       
    │   └── webpack.mix.js      
    ├── packages                
    │   ├── web                 # The added package
    │   └── ...                
    └── ...

Develop your own package

We offer a skeleton for your own package development:

Package Skeleton

Dev Environment