SeAT with a little plus

Flexible EVE Online API with the intent of corporation management and recruitment.



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Inspired by SeAT, seatplus is a complete rewrite based on the most frequent user- and feature request. As such the complete role and affiliation concept has been designed from the drawing board aiming to support recruiters in their daily work for their corporation. No more SDE Issues, seat-plus does not have any dependency of SDE. Have Friends on your instance, only request esi-scopes when necessary. Have an overview of members compliance if scopes or refresh_tokens has been changed. No delays between role assignment and users capabilities. Allow recruiters to only review recruits without access to in-corp characters. Automatically assign roles to users based upon their corporation or alliance.

Currently, seat-plus is under development and required your feedback. What do you like? What feature would you like to see? Any feedback is of value.

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Modern Design

Seatplus is designed mobile first. Whenever or wherever you access seat-plus you will have a great user experience.

Robust Architecture

Seatplus is currently under development and used within Amok. alongside other tools for member life cycle management. Functionalities of seatplus are tested in order to guarantee functionality. Auth Coverage aims for above 85% and eveapi coverage above 80%. Noteable components are:

  • Seatplus/eveapi - The main library for the application.
  • Seatplus/esi-client - A standalone ESI (Eve Swagger Interface) Client Library using kevinrob/guzzle-cache-middleware.

One does not simply need the web interface

If you wish to solely use the esi-client or the eveapi to interact with the ESI, you can do so. You mustn't use the web interface. You might even opt to write your own web interface. If you do so, you might want to have a look at Seatplus/auth to take advantage of the authentication features.