Ship Replacement Program

This plugin offers the ability for users to submit their loss mail and SRP Officers to handle payouts if loss is accepted.

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For more information on the plugin please visit the Github - seatplus/srp.


How to install the package

Please review the admin guide for information on how to add a package to seatplus

  1. Install the package

    composer install seatplus/srp
  2. Run migrations

    php artisan migrate


As a user with the necessary permission you can submit your loss mail. If you are not able to so please ask an administrator to assign you the can submit srp requests permission.

SRP Overview

You must paste the external URL (Character Sheet -> Interactions -> Combat Log -> Losses -> External URL) into the box. You may also add some additional information to the loss that may required by the SRP Officers.


Please review the prices for the modules. Seatplus is using prices from ingame/ESI so the prices may be slightly different. Whenever you are ready submit your request. You will see the status of your request in the table on the overview page.

SRP Officers

As a SRP Officer you can handle the payouts for the SRP requests.

SRP Admin Overview


As SRP officer you may:

  • modify item prices (this will update the total)
  • modify the total ISK amount.
  • write a note to the user who submitted the request or for reviewers.
  • accept or reject the SRP requests.
Review Killmail


Processed and accepted srp requests are collected by user.

Payout overview

if you opt to process all open payouts you will have the option to copy a receipt to the clipboard. Which you then can send to the user. The receiver will see the following:

Payout receipt


There is also a list with the all the payouts made.

List of receipts
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