Configuration and administration


In this section you will find some tips on how to administrate Seatplus.

Live Container Logs

docker-compose logs --tail 10 -f

Add package

You can either directly alter the /src/composer.json file or you use the dependency manager insider the container:

docker-compose exec php composer require vendor/package

anyway most often you need to run migrations or publish assets afterwards so it might be worthwhile to directly enter the container (see below). If a new UI will be introduced by the package don't forget to restart the node container after the publishing of the package assets.

docker-compose restart node

Run migrations

docker-compose exec php php artisan migrate

Enter the container

Whenever you are being asked or have the need to run an artisan command you may enter the seatplus container with the following command

docker-compose exec php bash

Create superuser

Execute the following command followed by the characters name inside the container

// replace the character_name including the curly brackets with your character name
php artisan s:a:s {character_name}

Database Backups

To create a backup run

docker-compose exec mariadb sh -c 'exec mysqldump "$MARIADB_DATABASE" -u"$MARIADB_USER" -p"$MARIADB_PASSWORD"' | gzip > seatplus_backup.sql.gz

Database Restore

zcat seatplus_backup.sql.gz | docker-compose exec -T mariadb sh -c 'exec mysql "$MARIADB_DATABASE" -u"$MARIADB_USER" -p"$MARIADB_PASSWORD"'