Dev Environment

This section explains how to install the development environment. The development environment is a combination of a local docker-compose and a local traefik. Seatplus aims to use the same container architecture as the production environment whilst enabling the best developer experience. This is why you need the base-app for development.


This guide assumes you have docker and docker-compose installed. Furthermore, it assumes that you have git and php installed.

Download base-app

Optionally create and navigate into your Seatplus directory where the app is going to be installed in

mkdir seatplus && cd seatplus


git clone .

Start Traefik

  1. create the external docker network

    docker network create traefik
  2. start traefik

    docker-compose -f traefik/docker-compose.yml -f traefik/ up -d

Bootstrap your app

We provided the base-app with a bootstrap shell script. It is designed for productive installations but you can use it for development as well.


Configure your development environment file

  1. define PID and PGID This might be useful if you are working with a linux system.
  2. turn on debug mode
  3. change APP_ENV to local

Configure your development environment container

Inside the file you can find the following configuration:

  • DB Port: 3306 (User and PW you can find in the .env file)

if needed change the port in the file

Prepare source files

Seatplus requires the /src directory to be present. This directory contains the source code of the app.

  1. Inside the base-app create and navigate to the src folder

    mkdir src && cd src
  2. Run the following command to create the application in the /src directory:

    php composer create-project seatplus/core . --prefer-dist --no-dev --no-ansi

Start the App

to start the app simply run

docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml -f up -d

Please refer to Admin for further information and guides of administrating your Seatplus install. Topics may be: Superuser, Backup, Restore, Plugin Installation etc.

Build Frontend Assets

It might happen that the node container stops running and stops the webpack build. If this happens restart the container and run the following command: docker-compose restart node

How to contribute